Our mission is to provide the best holistic healthcare services to the communities we serve, particularly to people of Tongan descent.

We are led by CEO and medical director Dr Glenn Doherty. His commitment, leadership and professionalism have helped us to become a strong and resilient organisation that is able to do more good for the families that use our services.


Recently we received two awards from the health industry: One for Overall Best Provider within the Alliance Health Plus PHO collective and another for excellence in Rheumatic Fever Prevention. These achievements are important because they provide evidence that we are raising the benchmark for Pacifica healthcare.

We have also achieved Cornerstone accreditation from the Royal College of General Practitioners for GPs in New Zealand. This accreditation shows that our clinic’ performance and environment have met the standards set by the GP College. Another important achievement for us is completion of Child Youth and Family (CYFS) accreditation and realigning of our services to fit the new Integrated Outcome model of care.

Tongan Health is a top performing primary care centre with a total view of our patients’ lives. We are able to provide integrated packages of care services for high needs families and individuals based on Whanau Ora principles.