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The Tongan Health Society Clinic offers a wide range of health and community services and the number of enrolled patients is growing. Oral health care is an integral part of primary healthcare and providing dental services onsite complements the existing services, increase enrolments and thus offering patients a more comprehensive health service. Dentistry is a profession charged with the responsibility of providing not only the needed dental care but also promotion and education of good oral health to produce positive health outcomes. Moreover, I feel personally responsible as a Dentist to serve the community that most needs the care and want to be part of the vision to build healthy Tongan families.

Our Dentist

My name is Dr. Gaurav Taneja and I am a University of Otago graduate. I did my schooling at Kelston Boys High School back in the days when Graham Henry (All Blacks Coach) resided as the Dean.  Part and Parcel of living in Auckland was meeting people from various ethnicities and some of my best friends then and now are from the Pacific Islands. My bond with the Pacific Community grew stronger in Otago as I led the International Students Association for 4 years at Arana Hall. The desire to be part of the community started early and dictates the reason for my interest to serve the Tongan Community at the Tongan Health Society Clinic.

 I graduated in 2001 and have since been serving the Auckland Community with a short stint in rural Queensland. My experience in Auckland include working in a range of Dental Clinics in all parts of the City.  Needless to say my service in Auckland included areas of all socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicity. This exposure to a wide array of patients from contrasting demographics has helped me develop an understanding that oral health varies tremendously between ethnic populations. It is my experience, in providing oral health care to people of lower socio-economic backgrounds that’s has helped create a passion in delivering care to the underprivileged; where it is needed most. Also, being from an ethnic background myself; helps empathize with not only ethnic groups but with New Zealanders from all other walks of life. Being a peoples person also helps build relationships with patients beyond professional care.

Our Services

  • Administration of state of the art,  pain free and clinically safe dentistry to patients and staff
  • FREE Dental Care for all kids 13-18 years old enrolled at the Health Clinic
  • Check-ups/Consultations at a rate similar to GPs to all adults and elderly enrolled at the Health  Clinic (Average cost of a check-up in Auckland is $50 excluding X-rays)
  • FREE Quotes for WINZ treatment to all adults and elderly enrolled at the  Tongan Health Clinic
  • (Average cost of treatment quotes in Auckland is $35 excluding X-rays)
  • Below Market-Value Fee Structure
  • (Any Quotes from other Dental Practices will be beaten in cost for Tongan Health Society patients)
  • ALL staff to the dental clinic (dental nurse, dental hygienist, dental therapist) will be hired, managed and monitored by me to ensure smooth delivery of service to the patients
  • Emergency care for toothaches - RELIEF OF PAIN FOR $40 (conditions apply and limited by available DHB funding)
  • (ALL urgent treatment provided straightaway)
  • Interest Free payment plans for patients who are short of funds 
  • Affordable Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry (white fillings and crowns)
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Gold treatment for front and back teeth
  • Oral Surgery (removal of teeth including wisdom teeth and relief from abscess or pus discharge)
  • Dentures for people with missing or no teeth
  • Sedation for anxious patients
  • Subsidized treatment for ACC claims
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Treatment for teeth Grinding and Snoring
  • Non surgical Gum Treatment (Cleaning, Scaling, Rootplaning, Local drug delivery)

Contact Us

Central Auckland

P: (09) 622 1224

Street Address

1 Fleming Street

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 17:00
Sat: 09:00 - 13:00