Integrated Outcomes Unit: Iou

Ms Kasalanaita Puniani, Operations Manager

Ms Kasalanaita Puniani, Operations Manager


The Integrated Outcomes Unit is the successor structure to the former Public Health Unit. The new structure addresses a much wider scope of activities driven by the Tongan Health Society’s new service integrated model. This model brings together clinical and non-clinical services in packages of care focused on families and individuals to achieve better health and socio-economic outcomes. The emphasis is on addressing whanau wellbeing and enhancing and enabling our community.

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Families’ wellbeing is at the core of the model. Our services are designed to walk hand in hand with families towards achieving improved health and wellbeing, goals and aspirations. Staff are nurses and social workers/community workers called clinical navigators and non-clinical navigators respectively. Families and navigators plan and implement activities that will address needs of the families.

Tongan Health Society (THS) and Alliance Health (AH+) are working together to develop an integrated database to bring services together using a CRM tool. This much needed tool will enable THS to link together service teams and specialist services to wrap around families and fully integrate the organisation.


Driven by ADHB, AH+ and THS entered an agreement to implement a new way of contracting called Integrated Contracting. As a result, some of the historical contracts have now gathered under one service agreement. These are: Well Child, Asthma, Mobile Nursing, and Youth at Risk - a total value of $667,000 per annum. Our service model now requires all other services listed in the table below, and any new additional services in the future, to be folded into this new way of working. It is our expectation that through this new way of working our families will achieve greater outcomes for their families.


  • Well Child Service

  • Mobile Police Nursing

  • Asthma (0-5 Years Old) & Chronic Respiratory Conditions

  • Parish Community Nursing

  • Mental Health

  • Youth At Risk

  • Rheumatic Fever Prevention Campaign

  • Whanau Ora

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